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With “The Mecca” in Venice Beach, California – We are the Original; The Place where it all Began. 50 years ago, Joe Gold opened his first fitness centre in California and began a tradition of Commitment, Passion and Dedication that is now practiced at more than 600 locations across the globe. Now in its fifth decade the Gold’s Gym tradition continues here in the UK.

Never before has it been so important to look after your Mind, your Body, your Health; You are starting your own journey in the Gold’s Gym experience. A triangle of traditions; Commitment, Passion and Dedication are partnered with the FOUR PILLARS of Health, Happiness, Consistency and Desire to Succeed.

Our gyms are designed and built to help you realize your goals and respect your inner health. The ultimate fitness experience is truly a Life Choice: We combine fundamentals of Cardio, Resistance, and Relaxation, successfully blending these key amenities with the best personal training to deliver the ultimate fitness and lifestyle experience.

Remember that Nothing Worth Achieving was ever made Easy! More than ever before, people realise the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. We welcome you at the start of your journey and are here to help you succeed!

With YOUR Hard Work, Consistency, Energy and Dedication OUR Support and Encouragement through Individual, Group or Team training. YOU will Achieve YOUR Goals! Aim for the Moon and you will land in the Stars! Believe!

Our personal trainers and group exercise instructors will develop and agree with you, your own Personal Training Plan. After a few short weeks, this will be reviewed, revised and re-implemented to keep you on track. During this time, you will aim for your goals, realize your potential, maintain your results, review your progress, re-implement your plan and again maintain your results. Consistency is the key.

You will become part of a tradition of commitment through Four Pillars of Excellence that has helped millions accomplish their dreams.

Today more than ever, people are looking for health, wealth and happiness. Realise your strengths and join a family of like-minded spirits.

At Gold’s Gym, we recognize that everyone has their own strength – our job for over 45 years has been to help them realise and achieve it.

We look forward to serving you…

The Gold's Gym Family

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