• Hanwell Security Door System

    Dear Members

    Please note that additional security measures have been added to our car park. These measures will ensure that only members, contractors or expected visitors are able to park in the Club car park and/or gain access in and out of the Club through the car park.

    Several  notices regarding car parking are displayed in the car park including a large notice displayed at the car park entrance. You are able to park for up to 3 hours free of charge. You must key your car number plate details on the touch screen located past the turnstile on the Reception desk on each visit.

    Failure to do so will result in the a fine from  the party responsible for enforcing car parking. Our staff will not key your car number plate in the system for you nor deal with any issues that arise from failure to follow the car parking system where a fine has been issued.   This applies to all members, visitors and contractors.

    In order to gain access in and out of the building from the car park you need to swipe your membership card at the door. Your card needs to be activated and this can be done at Reception. Please do not pull or push the door once you have swiped your card. If your card is not activated you will not be able to enter/exit via the car  park and will need to walk around to the main club entrance and get your card activated.

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